Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy, Inc. (RIGHT)  ISTITUTO DI RICERCA PER LA TERAPIA GENETICA UMANA


A company at the forefront of the discovery and development of innovative, first in class, disease modifying CDK9 –targeted medicines

The cellular kinase CDK9 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 9) plays an essential role in a number of pathologies and CDK9 inhibition has been shown to be a viable approach for therapies to these pathologies

ViroStatics has developed a robust pipeline of novel, proprietary, very selective CDK9 inhibitors: highly potent with excellent therapeutic indices and attractive drugability characteristics. Disease applications include HIV, HPV, oncology and inflammation

HIV Program: Initial Indication

First in class Transcription Inhibitors designed to attack the unexploited, post-integration phases of HIV replication through CDK9 inhibition. Acting on a cellular target, CDK9 inhibitors should be refractory to resistance 


The 1st company developing personalized cancer immunotherapy for patients who are identified by immunogenetic testing as likely responders. These medicines could treat any patient independently of the physical location of the cancer in the body

eMMUNITY is molecular diagnostic and immunotherapy development company dedicated to expanding cancer treatment and prevention based on patient and cancer genetics: eMMUNITY has an enabling technology of personalized medicine that will fundamentally change the way patients with cancer are treated. eMMUNITY discovered how to translate DNA sequence data to map an individual’s immune responses and how to use DNA to boost immune responses. These discoveries were developed into proprietary technologies to be used in clinical practice for immunodiagnosis, immunoprevention and immunotherapy

eMMUNITY has developed an immunogenetic test and an associated algorithm for selecting the most effective treatment for cancer patients and has created the algorithm to design DNA-based medicines that are 10 times more immunogenic than any competing medicine tested to date. eMMUNITY envisions that physicians will prescribe its medicines as adjuvant with other interventions to increase the likelihood of treatment success and prevent relapse. In addition, its medicines may be used as immunoprevention in healthy people who have a risk to develop cancer (e.g. BRCA+ women)

Genetic Immunity 

 company working on nanomedicine-based plasmid DNA therapies to treat HIV/AIDS 

Its lead product , DermaVir, has successfully completed Phase 2 clinical trials