Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy (RIGHT)  


A Company at the forefront of the discovery and development of innovative, first in class, disease modifying CDK9 –targeted medicines

The cellular kinase CDK9 (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 9) plays an essential role in a number of pathologies and CDK9 inhibition has been shown to be a viable approach for therapies to these pathologies

ViroStatics has developed a robust pipeline of novel, proprietary, very selective CDK9 inhibitors: highly potent with excellent therapeutic indices and attractive drugability characteristics. Disease applications include HIV, HPV, oncology and inflammation

HIV Program: Initial Indication

First in class Transcription Inhibitors designed to attack the unexploited, post-integration phases of HIV replication through CDK9 inhibition. Acting on a cellular target, CDK9 inhibitors should be refractory to resistance 

Treos Bio

Treos Bio is a clinical stage company introducing a disruptive computational technology to change the paradigm of cancer immunotherapy development by resolving the dual challenges of patient and tumor heterogeneity. 

Genetic Immunity 

 company working on nanomedicine-based plasmid DNA therapies to treat HIV/AIDS.

Its lead product , DermaVir, has successfully completed Phase 2 clinical trials.