Research Institute for Genetic and Human Therapy, Inc. (RIGHT)  ISTITUTO DI RICERCA PER LA TERAPIA GENETICA UMANA


Transforming the healthcare system by shifting from a “one size fits all” approach to a personalized, predictive and preventative model


  • Provide information about developments and innovations in the field of Personalized Medicine

  • Develop virtual and in-person networks of researchers, clinicians, patients, policy makers and consumer advocates working in the field of Personalized Medicine

  • Collaborate and provide financial support to medical institutions implementing Personalized Medicine into clinical practice 

  • Support research and development of Personalized Medicine therapies and immunogenic testing,including sponsorship of clinical trials

  • Support development of IT applications and infrastructure to facilitate implementation of Personalized Medicine

  • Provide education and training facilitating physician adoption of a Personalized Medicine approach